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You need an active software development (OSF_DEV) license to use the DTKS components. All Tru64 UNIX systems used for software development should already have this license. To verify this, enter the command "lmf list" as root to list the installed and active licenses.

If you do not have an active OSF_DEV license, you can order it from your local HP sales office as:

Traditional License: QL-MT5A*-AA
1 Concurrent Use License: QL-MT5AM-3B
5 Concurrent Use License: QL-MT5AM-3C
10 Concurrent Use License: QL-MT5AM-3D

You can order a support contract for this software as:

Software Product Services: QT-MT5A*-**

CD-ROM distribution

Developers' Toolkit Supplement V5.1B is available in CD-ROM format as HP part QA-MT5AA-H8. Contact your local Compaq sales office to order.

This kit is not updated as frequently as the on-line version. See the history page for details.

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