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The Tru64 UNIX Programmer's Guide provides user information for the following Developers' Toolkit Supplement components:

  • Compaq C Compiler
  • Program Analysis Tools
  • Spike

The manual is delivered in its own kit to avoid duplication among these three components. Documentation is also provided in reference pages which are included in the individual component kits.

The Programmer's Guide describes the programming environment of the Tru64 UNIX operating system, with emphasis on the C language. This edition of the manual is an update to the Programmer's Guide supplied with the base operating system. It describes the advanced versions of the three listed DTKS components. The manual is in HTML format, for viewing with a Web browser.

The Developers' Toolkit Supplement can be installed on both Tru64 UNIX Version 4 and Version 5 systems. In the manual, text that is specific to V4 or V5 systems is color-coded and marked "[V4 Systems]" or "[V5 Systems]" respectively.


Documentation consists of a download kit and online documentation.

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