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Sustaining engineering support for Tru64 UNIX versions beyond their published end-of-support dates that was offered via Extended Engineering Support (EES) will end on December 31, 2013.

After EES has ended, you have the option to purchase Mature Product Support without Sustaining Engineering (MPS w/o SE) and receive HP Technology Services support. Details on MPS w/o SE can be found at

HP takes this opportunity to thank you for choosing HP products and encourages you to migrate to other HP Mission Critical platform offerings to continue protecting your business critical environments.

Tru64 UNIX V5.1B-5

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Product Functionality with enhanced robustness Your payback from upgrading
Operating system Standards conformance, AdvFS, collect utility, new kernel tunable parameters, updated versions of BIND and sendmail. Portability, performance, added protection against unwanted downtime, increased capability.
TruCluster Server software Improve the performance of an application that uses ICSNET driver to communicate over cluster interconnect. Better performance for applications which use ICSNET on cluster.
Operating System : storage Increased the maximum LUN size supported by the Tru64 UNIX CAM subsystem from 1TB to 2TB. Increased LUN size to match the storage capabilities.

Tru64 UNIX continues to provide a stable, dependable platform for those customers who choose to stay on AlphaServer platforms.