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Compaq 4DT3D Version 5.10

PowerStorm 4D40T/4D50T/4D60T/4D51T UINX Graphics Support for
Tru64  UNIX V5.1A

Compaq Computer Corporation
Marlboro, Massachusetts
Software Installation Guide
December 2000

Possession, use, or copying of the software described in this publication
is authorized only pursuant to a valid written license from Compaq or an
authorized sublicensor.

Compaq Computer Corporation makes no representations that the use of its
products in the manner described in this publication will not infringe on
existing or future patent rights, nor do the descriptions contained in this
publication imply the granting of licenses to make, use, or sell equipment
or software in accordance with this description.

Copyright @  Compaq Computer Corporation 2000
All rights reserved.

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Compaq Open3D, DIGITAL PHIGS, OpenVMS, TURBOchannel and the Digital logo
are trademarks of Compaq Computer Corporation.

Compaq, the Compaq logo, the Digital logo, and PowerStorm are registered in
the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The following are third-party trademarks:

Motif is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and
other countries
OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.
PostScript, Display PostScript and Adobe Acrobat are registered trademarks
of Adobe Systems, Incorporated.
UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries
licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Ltd.
X Window System is a trademark of the Massachusetts Institute of


This document contains the Software Installation Guide for Compaq
PowerStorm 4D40T/4D50T/4D51T/4D60T UNIX Graphics Support for
Tru64 UNIX V5.1A.

It describes how to install the Graphics Driver Software and is
intended for distribution with the 4DT510 Software Kit. This
information is also covered in the 4DT510 Release Notes. It does not
describe how to install the hardware. Refer to the Installation
Guide supplied with the Graphics Option for Hardware Installation

This document is supplied in ASCII format and is located in the
following location:

   * /usr/lib/4DT510/4dt3d510.installation_guide

     CHAPTER 1

The following devices are supported:

   * PCI-based based PowerStorm 4D40T, 4D50T, 4D51T & 4D60T

This release contains software for the following specific graphics options:

   *  PowerStorm 4D40T, PowerStorm 4D50T, PowerStorm 4D51T, PowerStorm 4D60T

This release contains optional support for the following:

   * OpenGL.
   * Overlay Support via Extended Visuals

          1.1 Required License

          Compaq  software requires a Compaq Open3D Product
          Authorization Key (PAK) for 3D server operation. This PAK should
          come in hardcopy with this software, and should be registered
          before you install this software. If you do not register the PAK
          before starting the software, the server will run in 2D mode only
          (no OpenGL server support).
          If you downloaded this kit over the Internet, and you don't already
          have a license from a previous version of this software, please
          contact your Systems Manager or your Compaq Sales Representative to
          obtain a PAK.

          1.2 Prerequisite Software

          You can install this software  only on systems that
          are running Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1A. Before installing
          4DT3D, you must remove all previous versions from the system,
          including other 3D graphics drivers (Prefix O3D, KWS or 3X0).
          After you have installed this version, if you upgrade or reinstall
          the operating system version, you must first deinstall this software.
          Once the operating system change has been made, then reinstall this
          graphics software.

          In order to use the PowerStorm 4D51T, the workstation or server
          must have a firmware level of the SRM Console of at least
          6.7-250. If newer firmware is necessary, it may be obtained from
          the following WWW site:


          1.3 Problem Reporting

          Problems should be reported using the standard Integrated Problem
          Management Tool (IPMT).

          1.4 Unpacking the .tar file.

          If you received this kit as a .tar file, you need to unpack
          it thus:

                tar -xvf 4DT510.tar

          It will produce a directory 4DT510.

          If you use the SPL distribution, the built-in tools will
          do this unpacking for you.

          1.5 To Deinstall older kits.

          Previous installed versions of 3D kits can be found with the
          "setld -i" command. Search for all installed kit subsets with
          the prefixes 4DT, O3D, KWS and 3X0:

                setld -i | grep 4DT | grep installed

          You will see a list of subsets, for example:


          Repeat using the other prefixes.

          To deinstall, use the "setld -d" command.

          Note: You must be logged in as "root" to use "setld -d".

          Note: Make sure to deinstall the subsets in Reverse Order
                to avoid dependency conflicts that may prevent subsets
                from deinstalling.

                setld -d 4DTGLMAN500 4DTGLBASE500 4DTCONFIG500 4DTZE3500

          1.6 Installing 4DT on Compaq Tru64 UNIX Systems

          To install, cd to where you unpacked the .tar file (if applicable)
          and issue the "setld -l" command.

          Note: You must be logged in as "root" to use "setld -l".

                setld -l 4DT510

          Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Choose
          among the options presented to you, for example:

                4) ALL mandatory and all optional subsets
                Choices (for example, 1 2 4-6): 4
                Is this correct? (y/n): y
                Do you want to edit the configuration file? (y/n) [n]: n

          When installing 4DT, you should note the following:

          The Compaq 4DT3D Extensions Clause is required for all graphics
          options supported. The installation of 4DT510 will modify
          Xserver.conf automatically. If you have to modify it manually,
          please see Section 1.6.2 for more details.

          In multihead configurations you must edit the system configuration
          file and rebuild the kernel manually.

               1.6.1 Organization of the 4DT510 Kit

               The 4DT510 kit has five subsets:

                4DTZE3510    Provides basic 4DT device support.
                             This subset is Mandatory.
                4DTCONFIG510 Makes sure that your system is configured properly
                             after installation. This subset is Mandatory.
                4DTGLBASE510 Provides OpenGL support. This subset is Optional.
                4DTGLEXAM510 Contains OpenGL examples. This subset is Optional.
                4DTGLMAN510  Contains OpenGL Man pages. This subset is Optional.

               "Mandatory", means that if you install the 4DT510 kit, those
               subsets will be installed unconditionally. The installation
               procedure will however allow you to choose among the Optional
               subsets. If you choose not to install the kit at all, no subsets
               will be installed.

               Note that the supported graphics options are enabled only after
               you install the kit.

               Optional subsets can not be installed without the Mandatory
               subsets, but if you install the 4DT kit without installing
               one or more of the Optional subsets, any of the omitted
               Optional subsets can be installed at a later time without
               re-installing the Mandatory subsets.

               You may have to edit some server configuration files before
               rebooting the system. See Section 1.6.2 for more information
               on editing the configuration files.

               1.6.2 Modifications to /usr/var/X11/Xserver.conf

               The Xserver configuration file /usr/var/X11/Xserver.conf
               contains startup information for the server. The X server
               reads and acts on certain options and information in this

           Compaq 4DT 3D Extensions Clause

                    The GLBASE subset installation adds the Compaq 4DT3D
                    extensions clause, which causes the Xserver to load
                    these extensions. If you do not want the installation
                    to load some of the extensions, remove the appropriate
                    lines from  /usr/var/X11/Xserver.conf file.

                    The Compaq 4DT 3D extensions clause is as follows(note
                    the nesting of < > pairs):

! Start 4DT 3D Extensions List

extensions <
      < _dec_GLX lib_dec_GLX.so __GLX_LoadInit GLX >
      < directx       libdirectx.so  DirectXInit >
      <  extMultibuf  libextMultibuf.so       MultibufferExtensionInit >
      < _dec_glXDECpeer lib_dec_glXDECpeer.so InitglXDECExtension DEC-PEER-GLX >
! End 4DT 3D Extensions List

                    If the extensions clause is not in the file
                    Xserver.conf, the server will not load the 3D