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PowerStorm 4D40T/4D50T/4D51T/4D60T graphics support

Support for the PowerStorm 4D40T/4D50T/4D51T/4D60T graphics cards on Tru64 UNIX is provided via the PowerStorm 4DxxT UNIX Graphics Support layered product kit.


The PowerStorm 4DxxT graphics support software requires an OPEN3D Product Authorization Key (PAK) to enable OpenGL (3D) features in the X server.


The PowerStorm 4DxxT graphics support software includes support for the OpenGL V1.1, GLX V1.2, and GLU V1.2 standards.


Multiple PowerStorm 4DxxT graphics cards may be used in the same system. The number and configuration of PowerStorm 4DxxT cards that are supported varies by system. See the system's QuickSpecs for details. PowerStorm 4DxxT cards may not be used with any other types of graphics cards in the same system.