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Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX is a collection of the most complete and up-to-date set of Internet services and tools, combined with a graphical Web-based administration utility for ease of management and easy installation of services and user accounts. Included with every AlphaServer running Tru64 UNIX, the Open Source software is qualified and fully integrated with Tru64 UNIX for superior performance.

Internet Express includes the Internet Monitor 1  that allows system administrators to monitor the performance of Internet servers in use in their enterprise.

The Internet Monitor provides the following features:

  • Allows administrators to monitor the performance of Internet services running anywhere on the network.
  • Data collection agents placed anywhere on the network poll Internet services and report performance data to the data collection server
  • Graphically monitors the performance of Internet services from the same perspective as an actual user of those services
  • Can generate alerts or cause other automated actions to be performed when administrator-defined performance thresholds are crossed
  • Collects and archives performance data and generates historical performance reports and graphs
  • May be used as the basis for ensuring conformance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Provides a Web-based administration utility for configuring the Internet Monitor.

The Internet Express software package consists of the most recognized security products, mail servers, news and chat servers, and a variety of tools for providing dynamic Web content.

You can access the Internet Express Administration utility through any graphical Web browser that supports JavaScript.

The Open Source Internet components and administration software included with the product are configured and available for use when the installation is complete. You can install Internet Express using a command-line script or using a Web browser interface. If you choose the Web browser installation interface, you can use a Mozilla Web browser or Microsoft Internet Explorer running locally or remotely. All components are optional, although some components depend on others. Refer to the documentation for more information.

New features

Internet Express Version Version 6.10 contains these new features:

  • Stunnel

    Universal SSL Wrapper
  • Twiki

    Structured Wiki
  • 29 updated components

Open Source software

The Open Source Internet software packaged with Internet Express includes:

  • Secure Web Server (powered by Apache)
  • BIND V9 Domain Name System
  • Security (TCP Wrapper 1, Nessus) and Network Intrusion Detection (Snort)
  • Mail servers (Sendmail, IMAP-4 and POP-3)
  • Mail clients (Pine/Pico and Thunderbird1)
  • Mailing list management (Majordomo & Mailman)
  • Mail filtering (procmail, Bogofilter, & ClamAv)
  • Web-based mail reader (Horde IMP)
  • News server (InterNetNews)
  • Chat server (Internet Relay Chat 1, jabber)
  • Squid proxy/caching server with calamaris log file analyzer
  • Samba File and Print server for Windows
  • FTP server (Pure-FTPd)
  • Tools for providing dynamic Web content (Perl, PHP, Python, Tomcat Java Servlet engine and XML tools)
  • OpenLDAP Directory server
  • Database Management Systems (PostgreSQL and MySQL)
  • Web browser for character-cell terminals (Lynx)
  • Dante SOCKS Proxy Server (this product includes software developed by Inferno Nettverk A/S, Norway)
  • Service Location Protocol server and client libraries (OpenSLP)
  • Mozilla Web Browser (Firefox)
  • World Wide Web indexing and searching (ht://Dig)
  • Development framework for Java servlets (Apache Struts)
  • GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)
  • Message transfer agent (evaluation software) (MeTA1)
  • Web server assessment tool (Nikto)
  • File transfer service (cURL)
  • Structured wiki application (TWiki)
  • Secured tunneling for non SSL programs (Stunnel)

Product features

  • Internet Express software developed by HP offers easy installation, configuration, and management of Open Source Internet software.
  • Internet Monitor allows system administrators to monitor the performance of Internet servers in use in their enterprise.
  • Choice of installing either Secure Web Server 1.3 or 2.0 (powered by Apache), or both as Web servers.
  • Tomcat can optionally be configured as a stand-alone Web server, as well as a JSP engine working with Apache.
  • Support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in Secure Web Servers, with strong encryption (up to 168 bits).
  • LDAP support is provided by the OpenLDAP Directory Server.
  • The LDAP Module for System Authentication option can be used to provide scalable, centrally managed, distributed user authentication across the enterprise.
  • LDAP Browser tool for graphically browsing, searching, and modifying LDAP directories.
  • Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) from the Internet Software Consortium implements a domain name server for Tru64 UNIX.
  • Support for IPv6 networking added to several components, including UW-IMAP, Pine (IMAP client), Cyrus IMAP, POP3, procmail, sendmail, and TCP wrapper.
  • Apache Extensible Markup Language (XML) tools:
    • Apache AXIS client and server
    • Batik scalable vector graphics
    • Xerces - XML parsers for C++ and Java
    • Xalan - stylesheet processors for C++ and Java
    • Cocoon - a framework for XML Web publishing
    • FOP - a print formatter driven by XLS formatting objects
    • UDDI4J Java Client Library
  • Tune kernel subsystem parameters to improve the performance of Internet services using the Internet Express Administration utility.
  • Internet software components can be configured to run in a TruCluster Server cluster on Tru64 UNIX V5.1B.
  • Anti-spam message filtering for the SMTP server.
  • Documentation is provided in HTML and PDF formats.
  • TCP Wrapper, FireScreen (developed by HP), FreeRADIUS
  • InterNetNews Server (INN) external newsfeeds can be configured with the Administration utility for Internet Express.
  • User account management can be performed using the Administration utility for Internet Express.
  • Samba File and Print Server for Windows®
  • sendmail2
  • procmail mail filtering language
  • Choice of IMAP servers (Cyrus IMAP Server by Carnegie-Mellon University and University of Washington IMAP Server)
  • IMP Web-based mail reader
  • Choice of POP servers (Qualcomm POP-3 or POP-2 server)
  • Squid proxy/caching server
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  • Tools for developing Web pages with interactive content (Perl, PHP, Python, FastCGI, Jakarta Tomcat JSP engine and XML tools)
  • Documentation (in HTML format) is linked to the Internet Express installation and administration software to provide online help.
  • OpenSLP implementation of the Service Location Protocol (SLP), a protocol that provides a framework to allow networking applications to discover the existence, location, and configuration of networked services in enterprise networks.
  • ht://Dig is an indexing and searching system for domain or intranet.
  • IPv6 support in some components:
    • UW-IMAP, Pine (IMAP client), Cyrus IMAP, POP3, procmail, sendmail, TCP wrapper, IRC (chat client and server)

Minimum system requirements

  • Any Tru64 UNIX system, Version 5.1B
  • 1200 MB disk space if all components are installed

1For the IX 6.10 release, these components have been removed from the CD and instead posted for download on the Tru64 Internet Web site.

2(c) Copyright 2010 Hewlett Packard Development Company, L.P. and its licensors, including Sendmail, Inc., and the Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.

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