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Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX

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The Secure Web Server (SWS) for Tru64 UNIX (powered by Apache) is an implementation of Apache HTTP Server for Tru64 UNIX. The latest versions of the Apache Web Server are provided with SWS as optionally installable setld(8) subsets. The Secure Web Server 1.3 (powered by Apache 1.3.41) supports the HTTP protocol over the IPv4 network protocol. The Secure Web Server 2.2 (powered by Apache 2.2.13) supports the HTTP protocol over both IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols. SWS also includes the Tomcat Java™ Servlet and JavaServer Pages™ Container (Tomcat). Tomcat can be configured as a standalone Web server. Or, it can be connected to an Apache Web Server to provide support for Java™-based, dynamic content. All SWS Web Servers can be managed either locally or remotely from a Web-based Administration utility also provided with SWS.

Product features

  • Secure Web Server 1.3, powered by Apache 1.3.41(IAEAPCH subset)
  • Secure Web Server 2.2, powered by Apache 2.2.13(IAEHTTPD subset)
  • Tomcat Java™ Servlet and JavaServer Pages™ Container 5.5.28 (IAETOMCAT subset)
  • Secure Web Server Administration Server (IAEAPAD subset)
  • Secure Web Server, Tomcat, and Administration Web Server online documentation (IAEAPDOC subset) in HTML format.
  • Support for all standard Apache Web Server modules (either pre-configured or available as loadable modules).
  • Integrated support for the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for 156-bit HTTPS connections (based on OpenSSL).
  • Configurable SUexec support for CGI and SSI execution as any user.
  • Integrated support for FastCGI, a language independent, scalable, open extension to CGI providing high performance without the limitations of server-specific APIs.
  • Integrated support for PHP, a server-side, cross platform, HTML-embedded, scripting language.
  • Apache Extension Tool (APXS) support for extending Web Server capabilities using third party Apache modules.
  • Fully qualified TruCluster support, including multi-instance Secure Web Server and single-instance Tomcat Web Server configurations.
  • Tested with the Atalla AXL300 SSL Accelerator PCI Card.

Latest version

  • Secure Web Server 6.10 for Tru64 UNIX is available for download from this Web site.HP recommends upgrading to this version if you are currently using any previous version of SWS. This version includes all fixes in previous SWS versions including security fixes.


  • SWS Installation Guide (PDF, HTML)
  • SWS Adminstration Guide (PDF, HTML)
  • Migration Guide: iPlanet Web Server to HP Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX (PDF)

System requirements

  • Tru64 UNIX 5.1B
  • 100 Mb free disk space on /usr/opt partition
  • 6 Mb free disk space on /usr/internet partition
  • The optional Tomcat subset (IAETOMCAT) requires Java™ 1.4.2 or later

Ordering information

Service Order number
Tru64 UNIX V5 media and documentation QA-6ADAA-H8

Suggested additional services

Service Order number
Internet Express Packaged Services (includes rights to new versions and media/documentation) QT-3NCAA-XA
Internet Express New Version License Subscription Service (includes only rights to new versions; does not include media and documentation) QT-3NCAA-TA

Phone support for the product is included in the Tru64 UNIX phone support contract.

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