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The Secure Web Server (SWS) for Tru64 UNIX (powered by Apache) is an implementation of the Apache Web Server for Tru64 UNIX. SWS provides the following features and benefits:

  • Automatic installation and configuration of the Secure Web Server software.
  • The latest versions of the Apache Web Server (1.3 and 2.2) tested and qualified on Tru64 UNIX.
  • Installation of the Tomcat Java™ Servlet and JavaServer Pages™ Container as a standalone Web server or for serving Java-based, dynamic content through an Apache Web Server.
  • Support for loading modules as Dynamic Shared Objects and creating extension modules using the Apache Extension Tool (APXS).
  • Most of the popular components and modules used with Apache, integrated and ready for use; including OpenSSL, PHP, FastCGI, and Microsoft® FrontPage.
  • A Web-based Administration utility for all common Web server administration tasks.
  • Fully integrated and tested TruCluster support for multi-instance Web server hosting (Tomcat is single-instance).
  • Atalla AXL300 SSL Accelerator PCI Card support.
  • Online documentation in PDF and HTML format.

The Secure Web Server for Tru64 UNIX comes factory installed with every AlphaServer system running Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1A or later. It is also available on the Tru64 UNIX Associated Products CD-ROM and included with the Internet Express product. The latest version is available for download for those customers who wish to upgrade existing servers or workstations. For customers using the Apache 2.0 Early Adopters Kit, HP recommends upgrading to the Secure Web Server 2.0 included with the latest version of SWS and Internet Express.

For more information, see the detailed product description.

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