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Please review the following prerequisites and installation instructions before you download this software.

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On Tru64 UNIX:

  • Requires Tru64 UNIX version 5.1 or later

On the iPAQ Pocket PC:

  • Java 2 runtime engine. Included on the Pocket PC Companion CD with newer iPAQ models (such as the 38XX and 39XX).
  • Wireless network or modem card (configured for your wireless network) and an expansion jacket appropriate for your card (PC or CF)
  • 32 MB RAM or greater, 256 KB or greater free for storage and 256 KB or greater for programs


  • A PC and appropriate cable for connecting to the iPAQ
  • Microsoft ActiveSync installed on the PC
Installation instructions
  1. Download the CAB file to your iPAQ Pocket PC using Microsoft ActiveSync or some other method. If you are not familiar with ActiveSync or how to use it, please consult the documentation that came with your iPaq Pocket PC.
  2. On the iPAQ, tap on the CAB file to install the software. A new "SysMan Menu" item will appear on the Start menu.
  3. Replace /usr/share/sysman/web/classLib/smauth.jar on your Tru64 UNIX system with either smauth.jar or smauth.jar_v51 from the kit, then restart smauthd. If you are running version 5.1A, copy smauth.jar directly. If you are running version 5.1, rename smauth.jar_v51 to smauth.jar when replacing the existing smauth.jar file.

More detailed instructions are available from the Users Guide

» Download the kit