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Key application suppliers stand up to support their
Tru64 UNIX customers

Taken together, the companies shown below provide software to over 90% of our Tru64 UNIX customers. Here, these long-time software partners state
  • their support for their products on Tru64 UNIX
  • what software products are available for HP-UX 11i v2 on Integrity servers
Click to companies' individual support statements for the
  • timing you need to plan
  • the person to contact for Tru64 UNIX software support

Tru64 UNIX Top ISV
Support Statements

»  Ascential
»  IBM
»  Oracle
»  PeopleSoft
»  Progress
»  SAS
»  Sybase
»  Top ISV support summary
Company, and link to the support statement Products supported on Tru64 UNIX Products available for HP-UX
11i v2 on Integrity servers
Ascential Software
» Support statement
QualityStage 7.5
DataStage TX 7.5.1A

Supported through 2008

QualityStage 7.5.1A
DataStage TX 7.5.1A
» Support statement
Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) v9.40
WebSphere MQ 5.1
IDS 9.4
WebSphere MQ 5.3 client
IDC V10.0
» Support statement
Oracle RDBMS (9i/10g) release and patch sets.

Oracle 9iAS and Oracle Application Server 10g release and patch sets

Oracle E-Business Suite (11iR1,aka 11.5.X) release and patch sets

Oracle RDBMS (9i/10g) release and patch sets.
» Support statement
PeopleTools 8.22, 8.46 and 8.47.
PeopleTools 8.47 to be sold through 2006 and supported through 2010
PeopleTools 8.45 and 8.47
Progress Software
» Support statement
OpenEdge™ 10
Progress® Version 9
Progress OpenEdge™ 10
» Support statement
SAS 8.2 and 9.1 Foundation SAS 9.1 Complete Suite of tools and Bundles
Sybase, Inc
» Support statement
ASE 12.5
RepServer 12.6
ASE 12.5.3
RepServer 12.6
Sybase IQ 12.5
» Support statement
VERITAS NetBackup™ 6.0
VERITAS NetBackup™ 5.1
VERITAS NetBackup™ 5.0
Supported at least through 2011
VERITAS NetBackup™ 6.0
VERITAS NetBackup™ 5.1