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Compaq C Version 6.2 for Linux Alpha is available for immediate download upon acceptance of license terms and filling out an online registration form. In addition to the compiler, the kit includes the Compaq Portable Math Library (CPML) and the ladebug debugger ported from Tru64 UNIX®. Documentation includes man pages, a Language Reference Manual, and a Programmers Guide.

Compaq C Version 6.2 provides the same code optimization technology used in Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha, which is up-to-date with the very latest compilers for Compaq's Tru64 UNIX. This technology can provide significant performance improvements in applications previously built for Linux Alpha. In some floating-point intensive applications, for example, improvements of a factor of two or more have been seen, while more modest improvements on the order of 15% to 30% are more often seen for integer codes.

The compiler supports most language features and options provided by the newest C compilers for Tru64 UNIX. Some notable exceptions are OpenMP, 128-bit long double, feedback-based optimization, -[x]taso and pointer_size pragmas, and structured exception handling. These features rely on underlying support in Tru64 UNIX that is not currently available on Linux Alpha.

The compiler also contains some enhancements that are not yet available in the Tru64 UNIX compiler. These are primarily features to ease compilation of reasonably portable code that has become somewhat dependent on gcc features (i.e. full compatibilty with all gcc language features is not provided). The compiler driver (ccc) also accepts either Tru64 UNIX command line options or gcc command line options, or a mixture of the two. The intent is to minimize the makefile editing required to build programs originally developed on either Tru64 UNIX or on Linux Alpha.

The compiler and associated software have been tested most heavily under the Red Hat 5.2 distribution, but there has also been significant testing under Red Hat 6.0 and SuSE 6.1 distributions. Other distributions have not been tested at all, although information from Beta testers suggests that problems encountered under Debian 2.1 are likely to have been reduced or resolved in this version.

Because the downloads are currently available only with http, the small number of users who had difficulty obtaining the kits intact during the public Beta period might still have problems. If you prefer to receive the Compaq C compiler on a CDROM, you may order part number QB-6G2AA-SA for a price of $49.

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