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Compaq C++ for Linux

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Compaq C++ is now shipped as part of the Compaq Professional Linux Developer's Software. This suite of software includes C, C++, Fortran, Java, the CPML and CXML Math Libraries, Ladebug, and VisualThreads.

The Version 6.5 compiler and Standard Library together offer a nearly complete implementation of the C++ International Standard. See the Product Overview for other key features and information.

The README document provides important information about features, installation, and known restrictions.

Using Compaq C++ explains how to develop and debug Compaq C++ programs and provides information about features and tools that work with compiler. The cxx(1) reference page documents compiler options.

The manual dedicates a chapter to the C++ Standard Library. To access the Standard Library reference pages, type man cxxstdlib_intro.

Two Standard Library components, locales and iostreams, are further described in the following documents:

Standard Library Locales [PDF  |  PS]
Standard Library Stream Input/Output [PDF  |  PS]

Note: To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download at any time.

Other C++ user documents are available in PostScript and text form in the /usr/doc/cxx-version directory on your system.

This release also includes the the Compaq C++ Class Library Reference Manual. To access the Class Library reference pages, type man cxxlib_intro.