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Insight Management Agents

» Download Insight Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX

The Compaq Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX provide hardware instrumentation to enable fault, performance, configuration and asset management. The agents use Industry Standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The web-enabled agents render information dynamically in HTML so that it can be viewed from a standard browser located anywhere on the network. The agents also provide a level of integration with SysMan and SysCheck, sharing the HTTP service agent and the Home Page.

Note: The Compaq Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX installed from this Web Site do not replace the agents that were installed with the base Operating System. When installed, the agents startup scripts on the system are modified to point to the location of the new agents. Deleting the Compaq Management Agents that you installed from the Web, restores the original version that was installed with the base Operating System.

HP WBEM Services for Tru64 UNIX

» Download HP WBEM Services for Tru64 UNIX

The hp WBEM Services for Tru64 UNIX middleware product implements the WBEM (Web Based Enterprice Management) Standards and the CIM (Common Information Model) Specifications form the DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force). The product integrates with the new HP common manageability framework.

Note: The hp WBEM Services for Tru64 UNIX runs on Tru64 UNIX and TruClusters
V5.1 or later.


» Download sys_check

The sys_check utility provides configuration and analysis of information gathered on the system. This information can be very useful in diagnosing system errors and problems. The sys_check utility gathers this information into easily transportable files. These files are then sent to support engineering when escalating IPMT cases.

Note: The sys_check utility runs on all supported versions of Tru64 UNIX.

The latest operating system patch can be obtained from your local Customer Support Center or downloaded from the Compaq Services Online website.