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As part of Tru64 UNIX, Event Manager provides a centralized means of gathering, distributing, storing, and retrieving event information, regardless how the events are posted. Now all system event information (hardware and software) is more accessible.

Event Manager provides a single point of focus for multiple event channels by combining events from all sources into a single event stream. You can either monitor the combined stream in real time or view historical events retrieved from storage.

The Event Manager logger captures posted events and stores them in a system log file. You can Also capture your own set of events, using the logger or the monitoring utility, and store them in your own file for later analysis.

Event Manager's viewing facilities include a graphical event viewer, which is integrated with the SysMan Menu and SysMan Station, and a full set of command line utilities, which allow events to be filtered, sorted, and formatted in a variety of ways. You can also configure Event Manager to perform automatic notification of selected conditions.

  • Centralized event information
  • Configurable authorization for posting or accessing events
  • Users and applications can post and monitor events
  • Trigger a script to respond to a system error
  • Encapsulate custom event channels
  • Graphical event viewer, which is fully integrated with the SysMan application suite
  • Choice of summary-line or detailed view of events, including on-line explanations
  • Command line utilities for posting and handling events from shell scripts and from the command line
  • Application programming interface (API) library
  • Configurable event logger to control which events are logged
  • Automatic log file management for daily archiving and purging tasks
  • Automatic notification of selected events
  • Receive events via e-mail or pager
  • Integrated with DECevent for translation of binary error log events
  • Integrated with Compaq Analyze