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Protect your critical data with the flexibility to change your storage configuration
Logical Storage Manager V5.* is the latest release of Compaq’s volume manager to provide highly available and customizable storage solutions for mission critical environments. Logical Storage Manager is an integrated, host-based disk management tool that enables you to configure your storage to protect against data loss and improve disk I/O performance.
Protect critical data

The cost of downtime can have financially devastating consequences for those customers who depend on mission critical applications. Logical Storage Manager reduces downtime using RAID technology (1, 0 + 1, and 5) to create redundancy, reconstructs data from a failed disk, and allows you to change your storage configuration without taking the system down.

Mirroring (RAID 1) protects against data loss due to hardware failure by creating a duplicate image of the data on another physical disk. Combining mirroring and striping (RAID 0 + 1) provides redundancy without sacrificing I/O performance. Striping improves I/O performance by interleaving data across several physical disks for rapid read requests. Mirroring root and swap partitions eliminates a single point of failure that would otherwise make your system unusable.

RAID 5 provides data redundancy through the use of parity that reconstructs data after a disk failure. RAID 5 logging also prevents the corruption of recovered data by logging new data writes before committing them to the storage array. This way, you can replay the log to completely restore the data on a failed disk.

Hot sparing is a new feature that relocates RAID 5 and mirrored data on spare disks after an I/O failure. You can designate those disks to use as spares or leave it to the system to find free space. The administrator is notified of the failure and identifies the failed disks.

Dirty Region Logging speeds resynchronization of volumes by updating only those mirrored regions that changed during the failure.

Online configuration

It’s difficult to initially set up your storage configuration that meet your needs both today and tomorrow. Reconfiguring storage after data has been written can be time consuming and require taking the system down, which may not be an option in a mission critical environment.

Logical Storage Manager lets you reconfigure volumes without interrupting user access to data and applications. Concatenate multiple physical disks to build a single, large virtual disk for large file systems and databases.

Migration choices
Take advantage of the benefits of Logical Storage Manager by migrating existing Logical Storage Manager volumes, UFS partitions, and AdvFS storage domains to Logical Storage Manager volumes.
Easy to manage
Logical Storage Manager dynamically configures your storage without interrupting access to your data and applications, and protects your data without sacrificing disk I/O performance. You can a choice of user interfaces, from the command line, a menu interface, or a GUI. The new GUI, Storage Administrator, visually represents your storage configuration in the familiar tree directory structure and uses icons to represent types of objects, operation success or failure, and problems. You can see at-a-glance the structure and health of your system. Handle disk setup, maintenance, precautionary, recovery, and management tasks with a click of the mouse and minimal text entry.
Cluster ready
Use Logical Storage Manager to manage the storage shared by all the nodes in a cluster. You can manage a cluster’s storage similar to how Logical Storage Manager manages a single system’s storage -- each node knows the LSM configuration so that I/O can be done to any LSM volume without additional /O overhead. Change your storage configuration from any node in the cluster, and when a node crashes, surviving nodes recover the failed node’s Logical Storage Manager operations.
  • Protects your data for high availability.
  • Root mirroring of both the system root as well as the cluster root ensures that no single disk failure leaves your system or cluster unusable.
  • Reconfigure your volumes online without interrupting user and application access to critical data.
  • Improve disk I/O performance and tune your storage configuration online.
  • Choice of GUI, menu, and command line user interface makes it easy to manage your volumes.
  • Grow, shrink, reclaim, and recover your volume configuration to suit your changing needs without interrupting user or application access to data.
  • Stripe (RAID 0) data improves disk I/O performance.
  • Mirror (RAID 1) critical data for redundancy.
  • Mirror and stripe (RAID 0 + 1) data for redundancy without sacrificing performance.
  • Parity (RAID 5) reconstructs data from a failed disk.
  • Mirroring root and swap partitions eliminates single point of failure.
  • Concatenate multiple physical disks to build a single, large virtual disk for large file systems and databases.
  • Hot sparing relocates mirrored and RAID 5 objects to spare disks after an I/O failure.
  • Dirty Region Logging speeds resynchronization of data by updating only those regions that changed during the failure.
  • Migrate LSM volumes, UFS partitions, and AdvFS storage domains to Logical Storage Manager volumes.
  • Supports Tru64 UNIX V5.* and TruCluster Server V5.*
  • Either do a full installation or just an upgrade.

Logical Storage Manager V5.* runs on Tru64 UNIX V5.*. For customers using Tru64 UNIX V4.0 releases, Logical Storage Manager V4.0* provides a highly available volume manager for their applications.

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