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From the daily tasks of system management -- adding users, monitoring performance, performing health checks to planning for expansion -- HP and its partners offer you a suite of solutions to enhance your productivity, efficiency, and control of simple and complex installations. In the world of UNIX, this means embracing multivendor UNIX installations. For HP and our partners, it means even more than that.
Increased ease of use

The SysMan Menu suite of graphical tools for Tru64 UNIX, makes your job as a system administrator easier by providing you with a graphical interface for your administrative tasks. You can expand administrative categories in the SysMan Menu so that you can quickly find the task you need, invoking the best available application to do the job.

SysMan Station provides a high profile view and status of a system's physical and logical objects. It is the central point from which to manage a Tru64 UNIX system.

Easier configuration

Setting up client workstations just got easier with HP's Quick Setup utility. Quick Setup determines the configuration utilities that are right for your system, then uses a wizard-like interface to help you set up your client systems.

Do you have a massive installation on your hands? Use Installation Cloning to generate identical installations with less effort and run the installations with minimal intervention. Save time and reduce the chance of error because Installation Cloning eliminates the need for manual installations. Installation Cloning also allows you to administer the software centrally, instead of attempting concurrent installations with locally-mounted removable media.

Centralized management

Whether you are responsible for a single workstation or a large cluster of servers, using SysMan Menu and SysMan Station makes it easy to administer those systems.

Use SysMan Station to monitor a single system, a group of systems, or an entire cluster. When you need to do an administrative task, launch the SysMan Menu or invoke applications directly from the SysMan Station's Tools menu.

Remote and local system management

HP Insight Management Agents running on a Tru64 UNIX system check the system's health and provide data including system information, percent of the filesystem used, and SCSI controller/device information. Insight Manager uses the industry-standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

SysMan Station lets you monitor a Tru64 system through its graphical display. You can tell at a glance if your Tru64 UNIX system or cluster is running normally or if there is a problem.

SysMan Station with SysMan Menu gives you a means for easily maintaining a Tru64 workstation, server, or cluster from a variety of remote platforms, including PCs.

Your choice of interfaces

With Tru64 UNIX, you don't need special hardware for sophisticated system administration, and with a cluster's Single System Image, you manage many servers the same way you would manage a single server, significantly reducing your total cost of ownership.

You can run Insight Manager, SysMan Station and SysMan Menu from a graphical interface, or a browser on a PC. It's your choice. SysMan Menu is also available from a character cell interface, so you can take advantage of its ease of use from an ASCII terminal.

Reduced cost of ownership

Ordinarily, administering a cluster of servers can be a daunting challenge. The cost to administer a cluster rises with the number of servers in a cluster. HP provides world-class management of multi-system configurations with the ease of managing a single system. With SysMan Menu and SysMan Station, there is a common set of administrative tools that are tailored for use within a cluster, easing the workload and driving down your management costs.

With remote management, your choice of interface, and automated tasks, the cost of owning a network of Tru64 UNIX systems just became more manageable because Tru64 UNIX increases administrative efficiency without requiring specialized hardware.

  • Easier configuration and installation
  • Centralized system management utilities
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Choice of interfaces makes it easy to manage your system
  • Easy assignment of roles and responsibilities
  • Supports Tru64 UNIX V5 and TruCluster Server V5
  • Configuration tailored to your system
  • Quick setup of client workstations
  • Centralized status of a systems physical and logical objects
  • At-a-glance system health check
  • Installation cloning for unattended installation
  • Installation wizards
  • Software subset verification and dependency checking during full installation
  • Most advanced event management
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