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State-of-the-Art COBOL Compiler

Object COBOL Developer Suite includes a state-of-the-art compiler that builds on COBOL's traditional strengths and adds a range of modern functionality by providing:

  • High-performance native code that can be optimized for peak performance on specific hardware platforms
  • Extensive COBOL dialect support that makes it easy to migrate existing COBOL code
  • Easy portability to a wide range of operating environments and hardware platforms
  • Scalability ranging from standalone systems to multiprocessor systems
  • Full support for object oriented development and deployment, including extensive COBOL class libraries.

Advanced Debugging & Analysis Tools

Animator® dramatically reduces the time it takes to debug applications by providing a complete set of features that allow programmers to control an application's execution, as well as the information needed to locate bugs and fix them quickly. Animator enables users to control source views and application views through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Object COBOL Developer Suite also includes an integrated editor specifically designed to meet the needs of the COBOL programmer. In addition to normal editing functions, the editor provides direct access to the Object COBOL compiler and Animator debugger within the editing session.

SQL Database Support

Object COBOL Developer Suite works with all of the leading relational databases, including databases from Oracle, Sybase, Informix and IBM. COBOL precompilers for the different databases should be obtained from the appropriate database vendor.

Advanced File Handling Support

Object COBOL Developer Suite supports large indexed files of up to 256GB, even if the underlying UNIX or Linux operating system does not. Micro Focus Fileshare™ can link several network files into a logical database, and support two-phase commit for Fileshare databases spread across several servers. Recovery and transaction logs help ensure the integrity of these databases. Fileshare provides high-speed network file sharing by compressing I/O requests into packets and sending them across the network using available protocols.

Plug-and-Play Networking

Client/Server Bindings provide a lightweight Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism that enables communications between client/server applications running on different machines. Using this simple interface, programmers can develop complex applications in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take using other programming techniques.

Client/Server Bindings use the Common Communications Interface (CCI), which provides a consistent approach to communications. Programs written and tested for one system or environment can be easily moved to other networking protocols without code changes. CCI currently supports the TCP/IP and Linux Named Pipes protocols.

User Interface Design and Development Tools

Micro Focus Dialog System™ allows programmers to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy scalable character-based user interfaces that are portable across UNIX, Linux and PC platforms. Dialog System isolates screen and keyboard logic from the application code, reducing the amount of code required by as much as 75%.

For more product information: www.microfocus.com