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State-of-the-Art COBOL Compiler

Server Express includes a state-of-the-art compiler that builds on COBOL's traditional strengths by providing:

  • High-performance native code that can be optimized for peak performance on specific hardware like the leading IBM and Sun platforms
  • Extensive COBOL dialect support, simplifying reuse of existing applications and leveraging existing COBOL programming skills
  • Scalability, ranging from standalone PCs to multi-processor UNIX systems
  • Full support for object-oriented application development
  • A portable object file format for easily deploying applications on leading server platforms utilizing Micro Focus Application Server
  • Fully portable Multithreading capabilities, leveraging the latest Operating System threading enhancements to provide optimum application performance

Advanced Debugging Support Using Animator®

Server Express provides you with the debugging capabilities you need to find and resolve problems in your code FAST. Animator within Server Express provides:

  • Debugging of all Micro Focus COBOL object file formats including native code and shared objects
  • Full control over the debugging process. You can single step, run to a particular location and reset the execution point to any statement in your code.
  • The ability to examine and change any data item in the program during execution.
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) animation - if your application fails while it is running, Animator can be automatically started at the point in the source code where the error occurred allowing you to quickly determine and correct the error.
  • Multi-threaded application debugging - freeze, thaw, or activate specific threads. Set breakpoints within threads. You're in complete control!
  • Simplified mixed language debugging - Animator works with your system debugger to enable you to quickly and easily debug mixed language applications
  • Dynamic attachment to your COBOL program - Use Animator to dynamically attach to your executing programs at any time
  • UNIX "core" debugging - Use Animator to analyze a UNIX "core" dump created when a COBOL application failure occurs
  • The ability to examine and change any EBCDIC data item in the program during execution

Once you have determined what caused an error in the program, you can edit it quickly and easily with a single key press - Server Express Animator is fully integrated with the Server Express full screen source code Editor!

COBOL for the Web

e-COBOL - Bringing the power of COBOL to the internet

Server Express brings the power of COBOL to the Internet by enabling COBOL programs to dynamically process HTML forms using familiar ACCEPT/DISPLAY syntax or with embedded HTML. This allows you to develop and debug portable web server applications that can be targeted at many different production platforms. There's no need to invest in, or use, any other server scripting language-you can do it all in COBOL.

High Performance Web Applications

A key element of providing optimum performance on today's web servers is the ability to create executables that exploit all the performance capabilities of the production server. Server Express enables you to do this very easily by providing simple compile and link directives so, from a single source stream, an application can be built for deployment as a:

  • CGI application for use on any web server
  • NSAPI shared object for use on Netscape FastTrack Server and Netscape Enterprise Server (Check which Server)


When applications fail in production you often can't use your regular debugging techniques to locate the problem. You don't have the source code available or you can't easily reproduce the problem. FaultFinder is designed to provide you with the help you need in these critical situations. It provides you with a snapshot of your application just at the point where the application failed and provides fully configurable comprehensive fault diagnostic information including:

  • Detailed analysis of your execution environment including environment variables, configuration options, switch settings etc
  • A snapshot of the data files being processed and their file descriptors
  • Threading information, active programs (call stack) and their parameters
  • Loaded programs, linkage sections, working and local storage sections
  • Operation at which the application aborted.

Comprehensive Data Access Options

COBOL File Handling

With Server Express, you can harness all the power of COBOL's flexible, high performance, file handling system. Server Express supports COBOL data file sizes in the terabytes, providing you with the scalability you need for today's data intensive, large server applications.

Micro Focus Fileshare™ extends COBOL data file processing to provide networked file access, transaction logging and recovery as well as two-phase commit capabilities without having to modify your application to use a relational database.

Integrated Data Tools

Developers constantly manipulate data for various test scenarios or to repair data records. Server Express includes useful data tools for examining and changing data files:

  • Data File Editor lets you examine data files to see how an application has updated them, or create and edit a file to provide test data for an application
  • Rebuild enables you to quickly repair corrupt index files as well as providing you with the ability to quickly and easily change data file formats
  • Codecomp Utility for EBCDIC/ASCII character set translation enables you to customize character-mapping tables.

SQL Database Options

Server Express works with all of the leading relational databases, including databases from Oracle® ,Sybase®, Informix® and IBM.®

Server Express supports native access to DB2, as well as integrated support for the latest pre-compilers from Oracle, Sybase, and Informix. In addition, Server Express provides Micro Focus OpenESQL, a database independent SQL access capability, which requires no pre-compiler.


Micro Focus OpenESQL transparently translates embedded SQL statements into ODBC API calls, allowing you to easily develop applications that access different database systems. Server Express comes with the high performance ODBC drivers you need to access the leading relational database systems. In addition, OpenESQL for Server Express is fully compatible with OpenESQL in Micro Focus Net Express, providing you with a platform independent, database independent SQL option without the need to purchase costly pre-compilers.

OpenESQL availability is dependent upon ODBC drivers being available for your UNIX platform. Please contact your Micro Focus Representative to check availability of the ODBC drivers before purchasing.

Simplified Middleware

Plug-and-Play Networking

Server Express provides you with powerful network programming capabilities for the COBOL programmer. Client/Server Bindings provides a lightweight Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism that enables communications between client/server applications running on different machines. Using a simple interface, programmers can develop complex distributed COBOL applications in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take using other programming techniques.

In addition to Client/Server bindings, Server Express can be used with IBM's TX Series, BEA Systems Tuxedo and other leading middleware packages.

User Interface Design and Development Tools

Micro Focus Dialog System for UNIX

Server Express includes Micro Focus Dialog System™ enabling COBOL programmers to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy scalable character-based user interfaces that are portable across different UNIX platforms. Dialog System isolates screen and keyboard logic from the application code, significantly reduces the size and complexity of the application code.

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