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The performance management tool suite consists of the following:

  • Collect
  • Collgui plus Cfilt
  • Two SNMP agents (pmgrd and clu_mibs)

These tools are included with the operating system and do not require separate licensing.

Collect is a tool that collects operating system and process data under HP Tru64 UNIX Versions 4.x and 5.x. Collect is designed for high reliability and low system-resource overhead.

The Collect tool gathers and displays information for subsystems. You can set Collect to gather data for a single subsystem or any combination of the following:

  • Process
  • Memory
  • Disk
  • Tape
  • LSM
  • Network
  • CPU
  • TTY
  • Filesystems
  • Message queue

Accompanying Collect are two highly-integrated tools, Collgui, a graphical front-end, and Cfilt, a filter that allows completely arbitrary extraction of data from Collect's output and displays it to standard output. The Collgui utility is a labor-saving tool that allows a user to quickly analyze Collect data. Behind the scenes, it spawns Collect in playback mode to read the Collect data. This is filtered by Cfilt. Finally, the output from Cfilt is fed to gnuplot, a public-domain plotting utility that can display graphs in a variety of ways, including X11, PostScript, and PPM (portable Pixmap).

The Performance Management Tools (PMT) metrics server (pmgrd) is a UNIX daemon process that provides general UNIX performance metrics on request. The pmgrd metrics server supports the extensible SNMP agent mechanism (eSNMP). The cluster MIBs metrics server (clu_mibs) is a UNIX daemon that is an eSNMP subagent implementing cluster MIB support for the TruCluster Server product. The metrics server currently supports Common Cluster MIB and TruCluster Server MIB.

These base performance management tools include new functionality, an easy-to-use interface, and tighter integration through streamlining and centralizing the set of the performance metrics

OpenView products are also available that provide extensive performance management capabilities to complement those contained in Tru64 UNIX.

In addition, performance management products for Tru64 UNIX are available from third-party vendors.