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The Performance Management Tools (PMT) use terms you might be unfamiliar with or have different meanings for. This glossary provides the PMT definitions for you.

  A file containing data gathered by PMT. Instead of watching data displayed in real time, you can capture data in an archive and graph the data later.

  A UNIX daemon that executes commands at a specified time. The daemon reads these commands from the crontab file.

  A collection of nodes that appears to be a single-server system, allowing for greater application availability and scalability than would be possible with a single system.

  A collection of nodes and/or clusters that are frequently managed together.

managed node
  Managed nodes are those that run one or more metrics servers recognized by PMT.

management station
  Management stations are the operating centers for managing and monitoring the nodes in the system.

  A particular item of information about a node. For example, the average run queue length over the past 5 seconds, the number of bytes transferred to or from a disk, or the number of characters sent to a terminal.

metrics server
  A UNIX daemon process that services requests for system information. PMT includes support for several metrics servers.

  Management information base

  A computer system that is uniquely addressable on a network. A node can have more than one CPU.

  A limit you can set on a metric. If that limit is crossed, an action you previously specified is taken. For example, you could set a threshold of 90% capacity on some or all of your disks, with the action being to run a command that moves some files off that disk.


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