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If you want to port your application to Tru64 UNIX you have come to the right place.  This is your site for Porting Assistant information, software and feedback. (Yes! You can download it and get started immediately!)

The shift to 64-bit computing is here! We led the movement when we introduced the Alpha RISC architecture in 1992. Now the Intel® Itanium® processor signals the creation of a volume market for 64-bit computing.

There's no question 64-bit computing offers significant advantages in performance and capacity but you need to know how to take advantage of the technology and use it effectively. HP has a plethora of established 64-bit development tools to ensure your success - tools like the Porting Assistant, that incorporate years of 64-bit computing experience.

The Porting Assistant makes it easy to port your code from other UNIX and OpenVMS platforms to Tru64 UNIX, so it can

  • Run on the fastest processor in the world today - Alpha.
  • Be ready for Itanium®-based architecture in the future.

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