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There are several new features available in Version 3.0:

  • Support for mapping Fortran compile command lines in a makefile to the equivalent Tru64 UNIX command line

    The Porting Assistant will identify mismatches between directive types and a specific compiler and platform-specific directives along with the Fortran equivalent, if one exists. Supported processors include Kuck Associates Preprocessor (KAP) (f77 and f90), Silicon Graphics (f77 and f90), and Cray (f77 and f90).

  • Keyword lookup function for the Compaq Extended Math Library (DXML) which includes commonly used Fortran functions for intensive mathematical applications

You can now use this DXML lookup function to identify functions available on Tru64 UNIX as part of the Compaq Extended Math Library that you can use as substitutes for undefined functions in your application.

  • Support for mapping Fortran LINPACK and EISPACK routines to LAPACK routines
The Porting Assistant Function Finder, Man Page Browser, and Search tools now support the Fortran LAPACK package for finding equivalent functions or the correct prototype definition on Tru64 UNIX.