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Porting Assistant
Speeds your port to Tru64 UNIX

The Porting Assistant is a software development tool that helps you port your source code to Tru64 UNIX from other UNIX and HP OpenVMS platforms.

Why do you need the Porting Assistant?

  • Because differences exist between dialects of UNIX and between OpenVMS and UNIX.
  • Because 32-bit applications are typically written with assumptions about word size, availability of physical memory, virtual address space, etc. and moving to 64-bits can expose parts of your program that inadvertently rely on these 32-bit properties.

The Porting Assistant identifies C, C++ and Fortran code that may not compile or run properly on Tru64 UNIX. It also provides tools and online information that empower you to modify your code so it runs optimally on Tru64 UNIX.

Using an intuitive Motif-based GUI, the Porting Assistant helps you:

  • Locate code that may need to be changed to run effectively on Tru64 UNIX
  • Understand why the changes are needed
  • Make the necessary changes

The Porting Assistant Version 3.0 runs on Versions 4.0 or later of Tru64 UNIX and requires an Alpha workstation or server. Select hardware and software requirements for more information.