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In order to run the Porting Assistant Version 3.0, you need the following typical software development system:


  • Any Alpha system capable of running Tru64 UNIX V4.0 and higher.
  • Workstation monitor - The Porting Assistant has an X-based Motif and Common Desktop Environment (CDE) interface that requires a workstation monitor as a display (limitations of Excursion and X servers that run on Microsoft Windows may prevent the full suite of Porting Assistant tools from displaying concurrently on such an X server).
  • A minimum of 64 Mbytes of memory.
  • 196 Mbytes of swapspace.
  • Disk space:
    - 34 Mbytes of space on a file system.
    - No required space on the root file system.
    - No additional space during installation.


The Porting Assistant Version 3.0 runs on Tru64 UNIX Versions 4.0 and higher. The Developers' Toolkit is a prerequisite for running the Porting Assistant. For more information on the Developers' Toolkit, click here.