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After the Porting Assistant identifies a potential problem, you need to understand it. The Porting Assistant helps in this process by integrating information from scattered sources and making it directly available from the Porting Assistant interface and its HyperHelp system.

You can access this information in several ways:

  • Sometimes you only need to see the code associated with a diagnostic message to decide what you need to do. Double clicking on most diagnostics in the Builder transcript brings up an editor positioned on the source line.
  • Sometimes you need an explanation of the problem. In both the Builder and the Editor, you can ask for a more complete explanation. The Porting Assistant then displays HyperHelp, which explains the message in greater detail and suggests some actions you might take (see screen shot).

    Further explanation is also provided for many functions that operate differently on various platforms. The Porting Assistant provides a set of manpages that describes the platform differences.

  • Sometimes you need to to understand background concepts about the port. The HyperHelp system is organized so that you can either get a top down view of porting topics (screen shot) or jump to detailed explanations. The HyperHelp system provides online access to much of the porting information Compaq has amassed over the last several years to help ISVs and end-users port their applications to Tru64 UNIX.

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