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Advanced Printing Software for Tru64 UNIX is designed to solve problems for both system administrators and end users.

Some of the benefits for system administrators are as follows:

  • Flexible, Scalable Configuration:

    The printing system is scalable, able to support your business' printing needs, whether you have one or two local printers, or, hundreds of widely distributed printers. It can be configured with distributed clients submitting print requests to centralized servers.

  • Centralized or decentralized administration:

    You can administer the system from any host in the workgroup. The Advanced Printing security model allows you give specific users administrator or operator rights so you don't need to login as root on the server's host to change the configuration or check job status. This, coupled with the support for NIS distributed naming services, allows administrators to set up the printing system in one place, then "push" the information about print objects (printers, queues, servers) to the client systems by simply updating the name space. Users will then have access to any printer in the name space, without the administrator having to update each client system.

  • Print job load balancing:

    You can configure Advanced Printing Software such that several printers accept jobs from a single queue. This is useful if you have several, similar co-located printers. Jobs can be submitted to print on the first available printer. This results in jobs not waiting unnecessarily because a printer is printing a long job or otherwise unavailable.

  • Configurable printing problem notification

    You can set up Advanced Printing such that particular users or administrators be notified when certain conditions occur, like a printer out of paper or a paper jam.  

  • Print data filtering:

    You can define filters for print data to modify job before it's printed. For example, you can use the standard pr utility to text documents before they're printed. You can also define filters to translate document data from one to another, such as text to PostScript.

  • Job defaulting:

    You can configure Advanced Printing so that certain characteristics are automatically associated with jobs based on how they are submitted. For example, users can submit print jobs to a printer that will automatically print 2-sided (duplex).

  • Flexible job control:

    You can redirect a job to another printer after it has been submitted or you can redirect all jobs from one printer to another, should that printer become unavailable, resulting in less down time for your users. You can "promote" a job (move to the head of the queue) to print before all others. 

Some of the benefits for end users are:

  • Query for printer features:

    You can query Advanced Printing servers to learn what types of printers are attached, their capabilities and current status. So, for example, if you have a long job and would like a printer capable of two-sided printing, you can ask the system to list suitable printers.

  • Access to printer features:

    Advanced Printing Software provides a rich set of printing instructions that you can associate with a print job, and validates job characteristics against the printer capabilities to ensure the job prints the way you want it to.

  • Job resubmit:

    You can move your jobs from one printer queue to another after you've submitted the job. If, for example, the original printer has a problem and is no longer accepting jobs, you can easily direct your job to another.

  • Job status and completion feedback:

    You can set up Advanced Printing so the system will notify you when your job has completed printing.

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