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Getting started with your downloaded kit

Start by downloading an appropriate Advanced Printing Software kit. The kits are supplied as compressed tar archives that contain both software and documentation. Store the tar.Z file in a convenient directory, such as /usr/opt/. From the root account, create a subdirectory for holding the kit files, then set your current directory to it. For example,

# mkdir /usr/opt/apx120kit
# cd /usr/opt/apx120kit

Now, extract the kit files from the compressed tar archive.

# zcat /usr/opt/apx120.tar.Z | tar xvf -

This command causes the zcat(1) utility to uncompress and send the archive to the tar(1) utility; tar extracts the files in to appropriate subdirectories.

After you extract the kit files, you should find documentation under Advanced_Printing/doc, and software subsets under Advanced_Printing/kit. Documentation files are organized into subdirectories that contain HTML, pdf (Adobe's Portable Document Format), and PostScript. The Advanced Printing Software Installation Guide is available for viewing or printing under the doc directory. Refer to that guide for information about installation requirements and procedure.

Once you have installed the BASE subset, you will find up-to-date information about the release in /usr/pd/README.txt.