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Did you know that your Microsoft and Tru64 UNIX integration solution is included with your Tru64 UNIX software?

That's right! Included with your Tru64 UNIX software is the Advanced Server for UNIX (ASU) software. 

The ASU software is a Tru64 UNIX layered application that implements Windows NT Version 4.0 server services and functionality on a system running the Tru64 UNIX Version 4.0F or higher operating system software. The Tru64 UNIX system on which the ASU software is running appears as a Windows NT Version 4.0 server to other Windows systems and to users of Windows systems.

You use Windows commands and utilities to manage the ASU software and to make UNIX based file systems and printers available to Windows users as shares. Windows users access the shares without modification to their software.

We are so sure that you will like the ASU software that we are providing two free connects with your Tru64 UNIX software for you to try the ASU software. 

» ASU Version 5.1B-5 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-4 ECO2 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-4 ECO1 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-4 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO2 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO1 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-3 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-2 ECO 1 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B-2 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B ECO2 enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1B ECO1 enhancements
» Learn more about ASU Version 5.1B enhancements
» ASU Version 5.1A ECO3 enhancements
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