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Ordering ASU licenses

If you have only two Windows users to support, then you already have the licenses you need. If, however, you support more than two Windows users, then you'll want to be sure that they too can use UNIX resources.

The only way to ensure that all of the Windows users can connect to UNIX resources is to have enough ASU licenses installed on your system. 

ASU licenses are supplied in the form of a product authorization key (PAK) called ASDU-CONNECT. You load the ASDU-CONNECT PAK into the Tru64 UNIX License Management Facility (LMF). 

You order ASDU-CONNECT PAKs in license quantities of 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000.  You purchase ASDU-CONNECT PAKs based on your needs. For example, if you expect 275 Windows users to access disk and printer shares, then you should purchase one PAK for 25 licenses and one PAK for 250 licenses.

One ASDU-CONNECT license is used by each Windows client that browses or first connects to a share on the Tru64 UNIX system on which the ASU software is running. The license allows the client to browse and connect to disk and printer shares offered by that ASU server. The client retains the license until it stops browsing and terminates its connections, at which time the license can be reassigned. A client uses an ASDU-CONNECT license from each ASU server to which it browses or connects.


You can order ASDU-CONNECT PAKs from your HP sales representative or authorized  business partner.

The following table lists the quantities and part numbers for ASDU-CONNECT PAKs:

Number of concurrent users ASDU-CONNECT PAKs
1 QL-5U29M-3B
10 QL-5U29M-3C
25 QL-5U29M-3D
50 QL-5U29M-3E
100 QL-5U29M-3F
250 QL-5U29M-3G
500 QL-5U29M-3H
1000 QL-5U29M 3J