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Table 1: Mandatory Components: Providing Values

Component Specifies Restrictions/Default
User name The name of the user account A user name must be unique.

Up to 20 alphanumeric characters, however, 8 or less is recommended since this user name is mapped to a UNIX user name that is limited to 8 alphanumeric characters. 

Password The password assigned to the user account Up to 14 alphanumeric characters.

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Table 2: Mandatory Components: Choosing Values

Component Specifies Possible Values
Account type If the user account is global (for regular user accounts in this domain) or local (for users from untrusted domains) Global or local

Default: Global

Active To deactivate or activate the user account Yes or no

Default: Yes (activate)

Password change If the user can change their own password Yes or no

Default: Yes (allow change)

Password expire If and when the password expires based on the maximum password age Yes or no

Default: Yes (expire password)

Must change password If the user must change password at next logon Yes or no

Default: When using the net user command the default is no (do not force a password change).  When using the User Manager for Domains GUI the default is yes (force a password change)

Password required If a user account requires a password Yes or no

Default: Yes (requires a password)

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Table 3: Mandatory Components: Choosing or Providing Values

Component Specifies Restrictions/Default
Country code The language files for a user's help and error messages A value

Default: 0 (same as the operating system)

Expires The date that the user account expires A date or never

Default: Never

Home directory The pathname for the user's home directory A path name

Default: /usr/users

Primary group The primary group for the user Any global group to which the user belongs

Default: Domain Users

Script path The path to the user's  login script A path name

Default: See *

Times The times when the user is allowed to use the server A specified time or All

Default: All

Workstations Up to eight computer names from which a user can log on to the  network A comma separated list or an * or no list to allow log on from any client

Default: * (all)

* \usr\net\servers\lanman\shares\asu\repl\export\scripts

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Table 4: Optional Components: Providing Values

Component Specifies Restrictions
Comment A comment about the user's account Up to 48 alphanumeric characters
Full name A user's full name (rather than  username) Up to 20 alphanumeric characters enclosed in quotation marks
Profile path A path for the user's logon  profile A path name
User comment An administrative comment Text enclosed in quotation marks

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