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This tutorial is designed for a system administrator who need to create domain user accounts and groups or make UNIX directories and network printers available to Windows users.


You should have

ASU Administrative Interfaces

You administer the ASU software by using either

  • Windows-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that you must install on the Windows system from which you want to administer the ASU software.  See the ASU Installation and Administration guide for more information.

  • The net commands that you enter in lowercase at the Tru64 UNIX prompt on a system running the ASU software. Each net command has options that enable you to specify or refine information.

This tutorial shows you how to use the GUIs and net commands to administer the ASU software.

How to use this tutorial

This tutorial is self-paced.  The topics can be completed in any order. In the left window click on a:

  • Topic to learn how to complete that task.

  • Worksheet to display a blank worksheet. 


The following typographical conventions are used in this tutorial:

# A number sign represents the UNIX system prompt when you are logged in as root.
net stop Bold courier type indicates user input.
[ | ] 

{ | }

In syntax definitions, brackets indicate items that are optional and braces indicate items that are required.  Vertical bars separating items inside brackets or braces indicate that you choose one item from among those listed.