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After you create domian user accounts, you can group them to simplify account administration. Changing a characteristic of the group effects each domain user account in the group. There are two steps to creating a domain group:

Step 1

Identify the domain user accounts that will be members of the group

line.gif (937 bytes)

Step 2

Create the domain group and add the domain user accounts as group members

Step 1Step 1: Identify the group members

You must identify the Windows users who will be members of the group.  If necessary, create a domain user account for each user.

Step 2Step 2: Create the domain group

You create a domain group by using either:

Using the net group Command

Enter a net command in lowercase at the UNIX command prompt on a system running the ASU software. Press the Enter key at the end of the entire command.

To create a group called project1, enter:

# net group project1 /add

To add the peter, jen, mike, and sue domain user accounts as members to the project1 group, enter:

# net group project1 peter jen mike sue /add

To view information about the project1 group, enter:

# net group project1

Using the User Manager for Domains GUI

You must install the User Manager for Domains Windows-based GUIs on the Windows NT Workstation or Windows 95 system from which you will administer the ASU software. 

Follow these steps to create a group and add members to it:

  1. Start the User Manager for Domains GUI (usrmgr.exe).

  2. Choose Select Domain... from the User menu.

    A Select Domain dialog box is displayed.

  3. In the Domain: field enter the name of the domain in which you want to create the group and click on the OK button.

  4. Choose New Global Group from the User menu.

    The New Global Group box is displayed.

  5. Enter the name of the group and an optional group description. To add members to the group, click on a name in the Not Members window then clicking on the Add button as shown in this figure.

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