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ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO2 software
The ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO2 kit provides enhancements and corrections for problems found in the ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO1 software and in earlier versions of the ASU software.

Some of the enhancements and corrections in the ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO2 kit are:

  • Under certain rare circumstances, a remote UNIX user could gain unauthorized access. This problem has been corrected.
  • Windows special folders such as "Favorites" and "Briefcase" can now be copied to an ASU share and the special icons associated with them will also be retained.
  • The 'lmshare' command has a new option "-O" for setting or clearing a per-share disable oplocks parameter.
  • The "net view" command on a Windows system now displays the entire browse list when ASU server is the domain Master Browser.
  • The ASU server will not drop any null session established by an inactive client before the AutoDisconnectNullSessions interval expires, thereby enhancing performance.
  • The "net rpc vampire" command on Samba V3 configured as a BDC to an ASU PDC now completes successfully.
  • An ASU member server configured to use WINS will now use Backup Domain Controller (BDC) to authenticate users when the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) is not available.
  • On an ASU server with Windows 2000 Single Sign-On (SSO) installed, a right mouse-click in the Windows Explorer, on a file that is located in the top-level directory of a share, displays the context menu much faster than before.

See the ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO2 Release Notes for a complete list of new features, functionality, and corrected problems.

You can install the ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO2 software on a system running the Tru64 UNIX Version 4.0F or higher operating system software. The ASU Version 5.1B-3 ECO2 software can be used to

  • Install the ASU software on a Tru64 UNIX system for the first time.
  • Upgrade previous versions of the ASU software.

Note: You can no longer directly upgrade PATHWORKS for DIGITAL UNIX (Advanced Server) to ASU. See the ASU Version 5.1A ECO1 Release Notes for information on upgrading PATHWORKS for DIGITAL UNIX (Advanced Server) to ASU.