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 V145 new features
Sys_check V145 new features
  • It does contain support for CVEVA V7.X and SSSU V7.X.

 V144 new features
Sys_check V144 new features
  • Sys_check now facilitates collection of "Insight Management Tool" info as part of sys_check data collection.

 V143 new features
Sys_check V143 new features

 V142 new features
Sys_check V142 new features
  • Sys_check is now provided with Fault Management utility (FMU) details which are important in HSG80 disks data collection.
  • Added new set of commands 'ls <options>' in the HSV disks data collection section.
  • New feature 'CRS_STAT' is added in the Oracle 10g data collection to enable Cluster Ready Services(CRS) data collection.

 V141 new features
Syscheck V141 new features
  • Sys_check version 141 included with following data collection options,
    -'hwmgr -show fibre -topo' for V5.1B.
    -In case of brocade SAN Switch 'supportshow' command output.

  • Sys_check version 141 featured with new two command line options,
    -kill Kills the instance of sys_check running.
    -lowpriority Runs sys_check at low priority

 V140 new features

Sys_check version 140 contains an enhancement request to calculate 'Data Buffer Quality' (Hit ratio).