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Helpful tips and known issues

If you are running a very old version of sys_check (that is, a version lower than sys_check version 112) then you may encounter problems during installation of the sys_check kit. This is because the sys_check installation code attempts to determine the version of sys_check that is currently running on your system by invoking /usr/sbin/sys_check with the -v option to get the sys_check version number. Unfortunately, the -v option is not supported in versions older than version 112 and therefore the setld installation might hang or you may receive the following error message, "/usr/sbin/sys_check[]: Memory fault(coredump)".

You can easily work around this problem by moving /usr/sbin/sys_check to /usr/sbin/sys_check.BACKUP before installing the sys_check kit. By doing this, the sys_check installation code will not find the /usr/sbin/sys_check executable and therefore will not invoke sys_check with the -v option. As a result, the kit should install without problems.