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The sys_check web kit runs on all supported versions of Tru64 UNIX.
sys_check version release table
Tru64 UNIX version V4.0D V4.0E V4.0F V4.0G V5.0 V5.0A V5.1 V5.1A V5.1B
sys_check version na V108 V112 V117 V114 V116 V119 V122 V144
sys_check patch kit release table
Tru64 UNIX version patch kit sys_check version
V4.0D PK8 (BL16) V119
PK9 V120 or greater
V4.0E PK4 (BL14) V114
V4.0F PK4 (BL15) V119
PK5 (BL16) V119.1
PK6 V120 or greater
PK8 (BL19) V124
V4.0G PK2 (BL16) V119.1
PK3 V120 or greater
PK4 (BL19) V124
V5.0 PK2 (BL14) V119
PK3 (BL16) V119.1
PK4 V120 or greater
V5.0A PK2 (BL16) V119
PK3 (BL17) V120 or greater
PK4 (BL19) V124
V5.1 PK2 (BL3) V119
PK4 (BL18) V120 or greater
PK5 (BL19) V124
V5.1A PK1 (BL1) V123
PK2 (BL2) V124
V5.1B BL25 V133
BL26 V136
BL27 V143