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Database Migration Planning Assistant (DBMPA) tool download

The Database Migration Planning Assistant (DBMPA) is a tool designed for Tru64 UNIX® customers who are planning to transition Oracle® databases to HP-UX 11i on HP Integrity servers.

The DBMPA Extractor tool is a client application designed to extract certain metadata from Oracle8i or Oracle9i databases. Metadata refers to information on the tables, columns, indexes, and tablespaces in the database. HP will use the metadata you extract with the DBMPA Extractor to analyze your database configuration and generate information that will help you migrate an Oracle database from a Tru64 UNIX system to an HP-UX Itanium® 2-based system.

The following sections outline key information about the tool:

» Product version
» System requirements
» Installation instructions
» Documentation
» For more information

Product version

The latest released version of this tool is:   v1.03

System requirements

To use this kit, your systems must have the following requirements:

  • The client for the DBMPA Extractor is currently limited to a Microsoft® Windows®-based platform. This client must be able to connect to the database server running on a Tru64 UNIX platform via the network.

  • Since the client software has been implemented using Java™, we need to make sure that your Windows system is running a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) of v1.3 or later. An up-to-date copy of the JVM is included in the installation kit to ensure that you use the proper version of the JVM. This is the version of the JVM that will be used when runing this program.

  • In order to connect to an Oracle database server, you will need to ensure that the database host is running an Oracle listener. Refer to the Oracle documentation if you need help setting up a listener.


Installation instructions

  1. Download the DBMPA encrypted Zip file to your Microsoft Windows computer.

    The contents of this Zip file, other than the user guide, are password-protected. Assuming a successful validation of your registration information, within two to three business days, you will receive the Zip file password key at the email address you provided during registration. You will need this password to extract the contents of the Zip file. If you already have a password, you will be able to use that password during the file extraction process to unlock the DBMPA files.

    Before downloading the Zip file, please review the license terms under which you are allowed access to the DBMPA tool.


    » DBMPA Zip file (~17 MB).

  2. Extract the DBMPA encrypted Zip file to your Microsoft Windows computer.
    1. You must use a Zip software utility that supports the standard Zip 2.0 encryption format. HP recommends using the WinZip utility for Microsoft Windows.
    2. Create a DBMPA directory to serve as the extraction destination.
    3. Open the Zip file with the Zip software utility and begin a file extraction operation.
      1. Specify the extraction destination directory.
      2. Specify that all files are to be extracted.
      3. Specify that the file folder hierarchy is to be preserved. (In WinZip, this is done by selecting "Use folder names".)
      4. Extract the files, providing the decryption password when prompted to do so.

  3. Install the DBMPA Extractor tool by going to the directory you specified as the extraction destination. Look for a file called 'install.exe' and position your mouse on it. Double-click the file to run it and the installer program will guide you through the entire process of installing the tool.

  5. Consult the user guide included in the Zip file for any additional information.



The following documents are included in the encrypted ZIP file:

  • Database Migration Planning Assistant Extractor tool user's guide:
    • S-Db-DBMPA-user-guide-1.01.html   (HTML  version)
    • DBMPA_ExtractorUserGuide.html      (HTML  version)

Note: You may refer to either of these user guides as they contain identical information eventhough their file names are different.

For more information

To provide feedback or request more information about the Database Migration Planning Assistant (DBMPA) tool, please contact us.