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HP-UX transition training available to Tru64 UNIX® customers AT NO CHARGE!

HP has developed a comprehensive transition training curriculum specifically for HP Tru64 UNIX® customers and partners. This curriculum is now available online, 24 x 7, and includes new web-based self-study courses available at no charge with the use of an e-coupon.

The training is conveniently divided into separate areas depending on your interests and educational needs. The first area, “concept and facilities” , provides an introduction to the transition process. It includes complimentary resources for your immediate use such as whitepapers, reference tools and our popular “side-by-side” webcasts.

The second area, “fundamentals”, offers a new series of HP-UX courses from a unique Tru64 UNIX perspective. These self-paced, web-based courses are available at no charge to all HP Tru64 UNIX customers and partners using an e-coupon. Several courses are now available including “Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX System Admin” and “Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX Application Transition”.

In addition to the above web-based courses offered at “no charge” via e-coupon, HP Education Services offers additional courses (such as “more fundamentals”, “in-depth”, “classroom courses”) consisting of instructor-led classroom courses specifically recommended for customers who have chosen HP-UX as their target transition platform. There are over 100 HP-UX oriented courses offered by HP educational services.

We invite you to visit and take advantage of the HP Tru64 UNIX transition training curriculum. If you are an HP Tru64 UNIX customer or partner, remember that the “Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX System Admin” course (course# u5451aae) and the “Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX Application Transition” course (course # u8447aae) are available at no charge only if you use your e-coupon. You must indicate that you are using an e-coupon when you register for this course to ensure that the course fee is waived.

This valuable e-coupon, with instructions on how to register for these new web-based courses is available to all current Tru64 UNIX customers and partners. If you have not yet received your e-coupon, send mail to or contact your HP or partner sales representative.