HP Tru64 UNIX - 5.1B-3 Patch for "CPU hung in drd_reopen_partitions"



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 Advisory Information

RELEASE DATE: 2006-04-26


Code introduced in Tru64 UNIX V5.1B-3 may cause a CPU hang due to a hung "drd_event_thread" in "drd_reopen_partitions."

The drd_thread sometimes gets into an infinite loop when any one of several drd blocking flags is set. This happens when the disk is in I/O DRAINED state.

A typical stack trace follows:

0 thread_block
1 sleep_prim
2 mpsleep
3 drd_reopen_partitions
4 drd_change_server_node
5 drd_complete_failback
6 drd_handle_event_io_drained
7 drd_handle_one_event
8 drd_handle_events
9 drd_event_thread



The following version is affected:

HP UNIX Tru64 UNIX V5.1B-3


HP is releasing the following ERP kit publicly for use by any customer. The ERP kit use dupatch to install and will not install over any Customer Specific Patches (CSPs) that have file intersections with the ERP. Contact your service provider for assistance if the installation of this ERP is blocked by any of your installed CSPs.

The fixes contained in the ERP kit are scheduled to be available in the following mainstream patch kit:

HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-4

The kit distributes the following file:


Early Release Patches

HP Tru64 UNIX version: V5.1B-3:
ERP Kit Name: TCRKIT1000547-V51BB26-E-20060420
Kit Location: