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 Advisory Information

RELEASE DATE: 2006-09-26


This patch contains fixes for a number of problems with the collect utility.

The following problems are fixed by this patch:.

  • Provides the ability for the Collect utility to salvage data files with missing termination records.
  • Provides the ability for the Collect utility to properly handle disk names with more than 7 characters.
  • Corrects a problem which can cause the Collect utility to die from a memory access fault on systems with a large number of AdvFS domains and filesets
  • Corrects a problem which can cause collect to die with "Mini-Header out of sync" error
  • Corrects a problem that caused incorrect CPU/RAD and memory statistics on NUMA systems
  • Corrects a memory leak when run on NUMA systems
  • Corrects a deficiency with the memory subsystem output report format on NUMA systems which caused cfilt/collgui to filter its input incorrectly
  • Corrects a condition with the "-W" flushing option which can cause Collect to produce invalid data files or die prematurely when running in historical mode
  • Corrects a situation related to Collect's LSM subsystem which can cause the utility to die when running in historical mode.

In addition to fixes for the above problems, these ERP kits provide the ability for Collect to dynamically handle changes to resources such as AdvFS filesystems and disks, improved input validation, and improved syslog error logging.


The following versions are affected:

  • HP Tru64 UNIX v5.1B-3
  • HP Tru64 UNIX v5.1B-2/PK4

HP is releasing the following Early Release Patch kits (ERP) publicly for use by any customer. The ERP kits use dupatch to install and will not install over any Customer Specific Patches (CSPs) that have file intersections with the ERP.

The fixes contained in the ERP kit are  available in the following mainstream patch kit:

HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-4

The kits distribute the following file:


Early Release Patches

HP Tru64 UNIX version: 5.1B-3
ERP Kit Name: T64KIT1000879-V51BB26-E-20060904
Kit Location:

HP Tru64 UNIX version: 5.1B-2/PK4
ERP Kit Name: T64KIT1000881-V51BB25-E-20060904
Kit Location: