HP Tru64 UNIX - Possible Race Condition in the procfs Subsystem



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 Advisory Information

RELEASE DATE: 2006-11-17


Under certain circumstances, a race condition in the procfs subsystem can result in a kernel memory fault panic.

A typical stack trace of the panic indicates that a procfs routine invokes task_deallocate (), as in the following example:

0 boot
1 panic
2 trap
3 _XentMM
4 simple_lock
5 task_deallocate
6 procfs_lookup
7 namei
8 vn_open
9 copen
10 syscall
11 _Xsyscall

Less frequently, the panic stack trace involves a procfs routine but does not involve task_deallocate(). The following example shows a less typical stack.

0 stop_secondary_cpu
1 panic
2 event_timeout
3 printf
4 panic
5 trap
6 _XentMM
7 procfs_get_sighold
8 procfs_task_status
9 procfs_ioctl
10 vn_ioctl
11 procfs_ioctl_interface
12 ioctl_base
13 syscall
14 _Xsyscall

HP is providing two Early Release Patches (ERPs) to resolve the issue.


The following versions are affected:

  • HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-3
  • HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-2/PK4

HP is releasing the following ERP kits publicly for use by any customer. The ERP kits use dupatch to install and will not install over any Customer Specific Patches (CSPs) that have file intersections with the ERP. Contact your service provider for assistance if the installation of an ERP is blocked by any of your installed CSPs.

The fixes contained in the ERP kit are  available in the following mainstream patch kit:

HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-4

The ERP kits distribute the following file:


Early Release Patches

HP Tru64 UNIX version: 5.1B-3
ERP Kit Name: T64KIT1000965-V51BB26-E-20061025
Kit Location:

HP Tru64 UNIX version: 5.1B-2/PK4
ERP Kit Name: T64KIT1000964-V51BB25-E-20061025
Kit Location: