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 Advisory Information

LAST UPDATE: 2007-12-05


Installing the Oracle 10g database on the HP Tru64 UNIX operating system v 5.1B-3 and v 5.1B-4 results in the following warning messages:

  Checking for T64KIT0020879-V51BB22-E-20031125OSF540; found Not found. Failed <<<<
  Checking for T64KIT0019662-V51BB22-E-20030818OSF540; found Not found. Failed <<<<
  Checking for T64KIT0021665-V51BB22-E-20040220OSF540; found Not found. Failed <<<<
  Checking for T64KIT0021681-V51BB22-E-20040223OSF540; found Not found. Failed <<<<
  Checking for T64V51BB22AS0002-20030415OSF540; found Not found. Failed <<<<
  Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<
  Problem: Some recommended patches are missing (see above).
  Recommendation: You may actually have installed patches which have obsoleted these,
  in which case you can successfully continue with the install. If you have not, it is
  recommended that you do not continue.

  Refer to the readme to find out how to get the missing patches.

These warning messages appear during Oracle 10g installation on a either a standalone or a clustered HP Tru64 UNIX system.


The following supported versions are affected:

  • HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-4
  • HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-3

Customers can safely ignore these warning messages and continue with the installation.