HP Tru64 UNIX - Version 5.1B-4: Four Kernel Fixes



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 Advisory Information

LAST UPDATE: 2008-03-11


The Early Release Patch (ERP) announced in this Engineering Advisory resolves four kernel fixes in HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-4. Specifically, the ERP resolves the following problems.

  • netstat and other utilities can hang
    Utilities such as netstat and collect could hang due to a read error on /dev/mem. Other affected utilities include niffd, dbx, and sys_check.

    This problem only affects AlphaServer GS80/GS160/GS320 systems. However, customers using AlphaServer systems other than GS80/GS160/GS320 can safely install the ERP.
  • panic: mcs_lock: no queue entries available
    Mapping a text segment (SEG), or a System V Shared memory (SSM) region when GH regions or chunks is enabled, to a previously used address space can lead to a panic with the string

panic: mcs_lock: no queue entries available

A typical trace for this panic is:

0 stop_secondary_cpu
1 panic
2 event_timeout
3 printf
4 panic
5 simple_lock_fault
6 mcs_lock_entry_violation
7 ubc_fs_page_get
8 advfs_page_get
9 bs_startio
10 msfs_smoothsync
11 smoothsync_thread

  • kernel memory fault in do_table
    A problem handling kernel memory faults within the do_table system call can result in a system panic. Under certain conditions, the panic could occur when a user issues a ps command.

A typical stack trace follows.

0 stop_secondary_cpu
1 panic2 event_timeout
3 printf
4 panic
5 trap
6 _XentMM
7 do_table
8 table
9 syscall
10 _Xsyscall

  • panic: "pmap_destroy: valid ssm level2 PTE!"
    Mapping a System V Shared Memory (SSM) region as read only when SSM L3 GH is enabled (vm_l3gh_ssm = 1 with vm_bigpg_enabled = 1) can cause a panic with the string:

panic: "pmap_destroy: valid ssm level2 PTE!"

Here is a typical stack trace for this panic.

1 panic
2 pmap_destroy
3 vm_map_deallocate
4 task_deallocate
5 waitf
6 wait4
7 syscall
8 _Xsyscall


The following version is affected:

HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-4


HP is releasing the following ERP kit publicly for use by any customer. The ERP kit uses dupatch to install and will not install over any Customer Specific Patches (CSPs) that have file intersections with the ERP. Contact your service provider for assistance if the installation of an ERP is blocked by any of your installed CSPs.

The fixes contained in the ERP kits are scheduled to be available in the following mainstream patch kit:

HP Tru64 UNIX 5.1B-5

Early Release Patch

HP Tru64 UNIX version: 5.1B-4
ERP Kit Name:T64KIT1001450-V51BB27-E-20080305
Kit Location: