HP Tru64 UNIX - dupatch does not work correctly with non-C locale set



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 Advisory Information

LAST UPDATE: 2008-12-11

Installation of Tru64 UNIX V51B-4 or upgrade to Tru64 UNIX V51B-4 fails with locale set to non-C locale. Installation will fail with the following indications:

./usr/sys/conf/Tru64_UNIX/version.vendor: its origin cannot be identified.
./usr/sys/include/io/cam/cam_changer.h: its origin cannot be identified.
./usr/var/adm/sendmail/cf/feature/allmasquerade.m4: its origin cannot be identified.
./usr/var/adm/sendmail/cf/README: its origin cannot be identified.

* The following 32 patch(es) failed in prerequisite/file applicability check:

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- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches:
Patch 27022.00 - SP06 OSFDCMT540
Patch 27026.00 - SP06 OSFDOSTOOLS540
Patch 27080.00 - SP06 OSFTCLBASE540
Patch 27084.00 - SP06 OSFUUCP540 (SSRT2301 SSRT2275)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Patches:
Patch 27013.00 - SP06 OSFCDEAPPS540 (SSRT5988 SSRT4831)
Patch 27014.00 - SP06 OSFCDEDEV540
Patch 27016.00 - SP06 OSFCDEMAIL540 (SSRT061223)
Patch 27019.00 - SP06 OSFCDEMIN540 (SSRT3589)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Filesystem Patches:
Patch 27002.00 - SP06 OSFADVFS540 (SSRT2275)
Patch 27003.00 - SP06 OSFADVFSBIN540

NOTE: The list of patches and their number will depend on the customer's locale setting.



The following supported versions are affected:

  • HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-4
  • HP Tru64 UNIX v 5.1B-3
Run the following before starting the installation of or upgrade to Tru64 UNIX 5.1B-4.

# LANG="C"
# LC_ALL="C"
# export LANG LC_ALL

The customer may set the local of their choice after successful completion of the upgrade or installation procedure.