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  Customer Quotes

"With AlphaServer ES47, TruCluster and Oracle 9i RAC we were able to implement a solution suitable to meet the high demands of our users both regarding high performance and high availability with almost no increased administration complexity compared to a single system. If the demands change the ease with which you add additional nodes makes it an easy way to upgrade the capacity of your system."

Lund University logo Eskil Swahn
IT Infrastructure Architect
Lund University


"We have consolidated from six down to four AlphaServer systems, and at the same time we consolidated from twelve HSG80 based StorageWorks cabinets down to four EVA based StorageWorks cabinets. This has made our environment even more flexible than before as well as reducing our management costs. The new EV7-based AlphaServer systems running Tru64 UNIX V5.1B and the new storage give us even better performance."

Volvo for life logoBengt-Åke Andersson
Managing Director
Volvohandelns Utvecklings AB

 Partner Quotes

"Our customers' businesses are growing more complex, requiring greater
system and application performance. The long-standing relationship between
Oracle and HP has an excellent history of providing solutions that excel
in these areas. Oracle customers who choose HP EV7-based AlphaServer
systems running Tru64 UNIX V5.1B and its updates will continue to get the
benefits of Oracle Database and Oracle Applications on HP."

Oracle logoMark Milani
Vice President, Product Line Engineering
Oracle Corporation

» Read Oracle's Statement of Direction ( January 2004)


"BEA Systems' customers continue to value the performance and robustness of Tru64 UNIX. BEA is supporting the latest update by providing a BEA Developers Kit at no charge to each customer. Customer satisfaction is BEA's number one priority, which includes support for Tru64 UNIX customers for the duration of customer interest. Version 5.1B and its updates require no modification to customers' applications, so we look forward to expanded deployment on the latest versions from HP."

BEA systems logoErik Frieberg
Senior director of product marketing
BEA Systems


"We're pleased to announce that Rogue Wave Software's SourcePro Edition 6 product is now available on Tru64 UNIX 5.1b and will soon be available for HP-UX 11i V2 on HP Integrity systems. The performance and scalability of the Tru64 UNIX platform running SourcePro delights customers. Rogue Wave will support Tru64 UNIX customers as well as assist in their adoption of the HP-UX systems when they're ready to do so."

Rogue Wave Software logoScott J. Lasica
Director of Technical Services
Rogue Wave Software


"Altair's PBS Pro Grid application has been supported on the AlphaServer systems running Tru64 UNIX for many years and Altair plans to continue to support this environment as long as our customers want us to."

Altair logoMichael Humphrey
VP of Enterprise Computing
Altair Engineering


"Tru64 UNIX V5.1B on AlphaServer systems delivers the performance and scalability that Mathematica 5 requires for large-scale technical problem solving. In fact, Alpha was the first architecture for which we created a truly 64-bit optimized version of Mathematica, and we are delighted to continue to support our users on Tru64 UNIX in the next major Mathematica releases. That's our commitment to customer satisfaction."

Wolfram Research logoPeter Overmann
Director of Software Technology
Wolfram Research


"One of Etnus TotalView's strong areas of differentiation is the broad platform base upon which TotalView is available. Staying current with the architectures and operating systems that are in demand is important to us. Therefore, we support our customers by supporting TotalView on Tru64 UNIX V5.1B."

Etnus logoMary Kay Bunde
Director of Market Development


"""Running IFS Applications on Tru64 UNIX and Oracle9i RAC was remarkably easy and straight-forward. Thanks to TruCluster Server software the normal complications caused by using raw-devices, add-on clustering software or even third party software was completely removed. Running a clustered database on Tru64 UNIX turned out to be just as simple as running a standalone database on a single server. We're committed to supporting Tru64 UNIX V5.1B and its updates for our valued customers."

IFS logoPer Bauer, Benchmarking manager
Research & Development