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HP-UX 11i: measurably better TCO!

TruCluster Server software improves RoIT

HP TruCluster Server software delivers availability plus improved RoIT, to customers who require virtually no downtime, demand unlimited scalability, and are looking for dramatic reductions in the system management costs of their infrastructure. HP recommends clustering where your installation includes two or more Tru64 UNIX systems.

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» Cluster Interconnect Analysis and Comparison White Paper (466 KB, pdf, 4/04)

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» Reduce planned downtime

Here's how Tru64 UNIX keeps planned downtime to a minimum, making your AlphaServer system the most reliable UNIX platform on the market:
  • Manage multiple systems as a single system.
  • No need to take the cluster down to upgrade.
  • Fine tune system parameters on the fly.
  • Systems remain available while patches are installed .
  • Add or remove components while the system is running.

» Virtually eliminate unplanned downtime

To minimize unplanned downtime and keep your business running continuously, only multiple systems and multiple devices will do.
  • Cluster your systems for continuous availability
  • Provide multiple paths to storage and network devices.
  • Automatically remove failing components.
  • Detect and single out bad memory pages before they crash your system.
  • Protect your systems from disaster.