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Note: SSH is included in Tru64 UNIX V5.1B and is no longer available for download from this site. If you are using an earlier version of Tru64 UNIX and require SSH, there are other SSH implementations available, such as OpenSSH.

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Security advisories and associated patches - 2008
Problem description Security patch kit for affected OS/Patch Kit or product Last update Summary Cross-reference Fixed in next mainstream patch kit
SSRT080132 IX 6.6
IX 6.7
IX 6.8
25-Nov-2008 Tru64 UNIX - SSRT080132: IX buffer overflow Denial of Service (DOS) CVE-2008-3658 IX 6.9
SSRT080098 5.1B-4
1-Jul-2008 HP Tru64 UNIX - SSRT080098: AdvFS showfile command CVE-2008-4414 5.1B-5
SSRT080058 5.1B-4
IX 6.8
8-Jul-2008 HP Tru64 UNIX - SSRT080058 DNS Cache Poisoning CVE-2008-1447 5.1B-5
IX 6.9
SSRT080006 IX 6.7
IX 6.6
11-Apr-08 HP Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX running PostgreSQL, Arbitrary Code Execution, Privilege Elevation, or Denial of Service (DoS) CVE-2007-3278
IX 6.8
SSRT080011 5.1B-4
29-Mar-08 HP Tru64 UNIX running SSH/SFTP Server, Remote Execution of Arbitrary Code or Denial of Service (DoS) CVE-2006-0705 5.1B-5
SSRT080001 IX 6.7
5.1B-3 IX users can apply the Perl kit appropriate to the
19-Feb-08 Perl Running on Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX and on HP Tru64 UNIX, Execution of Arbitrary Code CVE-2007-5116 IX 6.8 5.1B-5

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