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Unplanned downtime is caused by hardware, software or administrator failure that was not "protected" by the system. These failures cause an unanticipated denial of service to users and applications.

Customer problem

Today's NonStop e-business environment does not leave room for unplanned downtime. Systems, applications and data must be available to users 100% of the time to meet daunting customer service levels.

HP's answer

Tru64 UNIX 's evolutionary reliability and availability architecture and design are a strong statement to you that hp is committed to solving your availability and performance needs by providing high availability leadership solutions. HP's goal is to minimize unplanned downtime so that system availability stays at the highest possible level. Here's how:

TruCluster Server: No matter how reliable your single system is, only a clustered configuration can keep your business running absolutely uninterrupted. TruCluster Server software guarantees your service levels with maximum availability while reducing your management costs. How? By managing all systems in the cluster as one single system. No other vendor can offer you this level of availability and ease of management at the same time.

Alternate pathing: Tru64 UNIX supports alternate pathing with automatic failover (transparent to applications) for storage, network peripherals, and cluster interconnects. In a cluster environment, DRD provides failover to storage through other systems in the cluster; essentially providing alternate pathing at the system level. The LSM software (Logical Storage Manager) also provides transparent failover to mirror sets.

Automatically remove failing components: Tru64 UNIX serviceability features allow the system to automatically detect failing components such as CPU, memory, or environmental devices, and shut them down to avoid system crashes. You can therefore experience maximum system availability until you are ready to service these components at your most convenient time.

Memory error resiliency: Tru64 UNIX guards memory with a "just-in time" scrubbing model, where correctable errors are scrubbed when encountered by the operating system or application code, ensuring maximum availability. To enhance this capability, Tru64 UNIX has implemented a trigger mechanism, called the memory troller, which pro-actively locates and scrubs correctable memory errors prior to the operating system or application reading the memory. The troller arranges for the memory page containing the error to be marked bad and if the page is free (or when it becomes free) maps the page out, so it will not be reused.

Protect your systems from disaster: Tru64 UNIX solutions protect IT systems from disaster by replicating systems at multiple sites to ensure continuous operation in the event of a disaster (ie fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) There are several ways to achieve degrees of disaster protection, from backups to extended clusters to more complex configurations. To learn more about how to enhance high availability and include disaster protection, click here. This white paper includes product information on Campus-Wide Disaster Tolerant Clusters and Data Replication Manager, key components of a robust disaster protected environment. Additionally, information is included on Enterprise Volume Manager and Reliable Transaction Router products that enhance the IT environment that requires high availability and disaster protection.