Upgrade to Tru64 UNIX® V5.1B-3 – optimize ROI!



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Tru64 UNIX® V5.1B-3 is shipping now: significant enhancements make V5.1B-3 a business-smart upgrade

Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-3 improves the business value of your Tru64 UNIX installation, even from the outstanding position of excellent return on IT investment we generally hear you’re enjoying. Let’s make it better!

Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-3 combines several resiliency code enhancements along with the latest patch kit onto one physical media called the Version 5.1B-3 CD-ROM. The Version 5.1B-3 kit has undergone full product qualification testing as a single entity on multiple configurations and is binary compatible with all previous Version 5 stream releases.

Here’s what’s new in Tru64 UNIX, TruCluster Server and Logical Storage Manager (LSM). Please see the Release Notes for complete details on Tru64 UNIX V5.1B-3 enhancements.

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V5.1-B3 Quickspecs

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  TruCluster Server
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  AdvFS Utilities
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  Logical Storage Manager
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  Advanced Server
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Product Functionality with enhanced robustness Your payback from upgrading
Operating system

AdvFS, collect utility, storage handling, end user resource accounting, 2 new kernel tunable parameters, new /etc/printcap option.

Faster performance, added protection against unwanted downtime, increased capability
TruCluster Server software

Faster large cluster boot time, cluster-wide fuser command, CAA daemon enhancements cluster alias serviceability, improved LSM performance.

Search for all users on cluster members.

Up to 80% speed-up for CAA report generation.

Added protection against unwanted downtime.

Logical Storage Manager

Fastfail variable for mirrored volume I/O, performance enhancements to LSM startup and disk rescan operations.

Improve your ability to comply with strict application response time requirements and active administration.

Is it worth it to upgrade? Definitely, especially if you’re planning for the long term and want these things for your Tru64 UNIX installations:

  • Optimal ROI.
  • The longest lowest cost standard support.
  • The smoothest path for your solutions going forward.

Expect future releases of Tru64 UNIX to continue to optimize your Tru64 UNIX installation value with improved robustness and software performance. Customers with support contracts including Rights to New Versions receive all future versions. Those versions are reflected in the updated Tru64 UNIX roadmap, linked to the right.