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  Meet service level agreements and guarantee quality of service
HP Tru64 UNIX brings you active workload management tools that allow dynamic allocation and balancing of system resources such as CPU -- without compromising individual application performance. Whether you're consolidating servers for cost efficiency or managing workloads to effectively support multiple applications, no other operating system offers more flexibility, security or ease of management than Tru64 UNIX on hp AlphaServer systems.
  High performance technical computing
In high performance technical computing situations, where workloads must be distributed in massively parallel environments and scaling across a cluster is necessary, HP partners with Platform Computing to complement Tru64 UNIX built-in workload management capabilities. Platform's LSF (Load Sharing Facility) is a distributed load sharing and batch queuing software bundled with HP AlphaServer SC systems.
  Advanced systems partitioning

Advanced partitioning capabilities allow an AlphaServer GS system to be segmented into several smaller servers and recombined back into a single system when needed. This capability is ideal whenever multiple instances of an operating system are needed, such as for testing new releases, performing upgrades or segregating applications. System partitioning is especially useful for server consolidation.

» Enabling server consolidation with HP Tru64 UNIX system partitions and resource management utilities
  Continuous availability of resources
The ability to add and remove components while the system is running enables to add capacity to the system, remove components for upgrades, alter system configurations, and replace components without compromising availability. Tru64 UNIX V5.1A supports on-line insertion and removal of CPUs, with support for additional components to follow in subsequent versions of the operating system. In addition, Tru64 UNIX V5.1A is the first operating system on the UNIX market to support mixed-speed CPUs in the same server so that your investment is protected and the choice of pace at which you are ready to upgrade or add capacity remains yours.